Storage services

NEUCA Logistyka

We have the most modern network of logistics warehouses in the pharmaceutical industry covering 100% of the pharmacies in Poland.

The warehouses in Ołtarzew (18,000 sq. m.) and Gądki (10,000 sq. m.)
are equipped with the first micro automated
storage and retrieval system (OSR) in the Polish pharmaceutical distribution industry.

5 minutes is the average time an automated dispenser
of fast-moving products takes to fill an order

Daily dispensing capacity: up to 200,000 product lines

High storage solutions and narrow aisle forklifts

An automated order sorting system allows goods to be prepared for dispatch to nearly 50
destinations at the same time.

Consignment warehouses

We have six consignment warehouses from which goods can be delivered directly to wholesalers, pharmacies, hospitals and other authorized recipients.

  • Consignment warehouses ensure goods availability, and allow goods to be managed in accordance with manufacturing cycles, without keeping unnecessary inventory.
  • Thanks to full access to inventory movement data, all deliveries to a consignment warehouse can be smoothly managed, allowing you to save on transport and storage costs.
  • We offer tailored IT solutions, reports and system integration.
  • The warehouse processes at our consignment warehouses have been awarded the ISO 9001:2000 certificate by Dekra.
  • The service is managed by a dedicated team under a pharmacist’s supervision.


We offer a wide range of additional warehouse services, including:

  • Kitting;
  • Re-packing;
  • Labelling;
  • Packing of leaflets;
  • Re-palletizing.

Space rental for pharmaceutical wholesalers

We offer dedicated storage modules and back office facilities for rent in the Ołtarzew warehouse. We provide support in the launching and running of a pharmaceutical wholesale business.

  • Surface area of storage modules: 96 sq. m. or 112 sq. m.
  • Surface area of back office facilities: from 16.5 sq. m. to 35 sq. m.
  • Each storage module is equipped with two external gates at level 0.0, and an internal gate with access to the transport room.
  • We offer logistics and IT services at our rental sites.

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