As highlighted before, starting with June 2016 we have implemented new solutions to improve the work using the electronic platform for deliveries notifications. Below you may find the information regarding the deliveries to our Logistic Centres. We hope, clear deliveries regulations, on-time and precise work will allow more efficient co-operation. In the NEUCA SA Distribution Centres in Ołarzew (ul. Ceramiczna 1 and ul. Poznańska 249) and Katowice there is an electronic deliveries notification system implemented on the website:

To access the platform please read the regulations:


and to send the personal details: NAME, SURNAME, EMAIL ADDRESS, COMPANY AND PHONE NUMBER on the email address

We wish to remind you notification via the electronic platform is obligatory for all the NEUCA SA suppliers. All the vehicles that were not previously notified will not be unloaded in our warehouses

New solutions and codes of procedure during the unloading will influence greater efficiency of deliveries and ensure quick unloading. This will result in shortened time at the unloading dock and lower the transportation costs.

Persons responsible for the contact with you, regarding the organization of deliveries to Logistics Centres await your remarks or suggestions concerning the co=operation under the email address:

Phone numbers and email contact to co-ordinators responsible for deliveries’ notifications:


Distribution centre

tel. 32 78 97 641
lub 32 78 61 315


Distribution centre

tel. 22 318 05 03

To facilitate first notifications please find below the training video:

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