On the basis of the prospectus 2 000 000 already emitted Company’s shares with a single nominal value PLN 1: 355 000 shares series A, 226 000 shares series B, 29 050 shares series C, 1 389 950 shares series D and newly issued 27 000 registered ordinary shares series E with the nominal value PLN 1and up to 675 000 ordinary bearer shares series F with the nominal value of PLN 1 were introduced into the public trading on the main market of the WSE.

The subject of the public offering conducted on the basis of this prospectus was 27 000 shares series E offered in the Closed Offering and 675 000 shares series F offered in the Open Offering.

Shares series E were offered to the Company’s employees selected by the Issuer’s Supervisory Board or to the people constantly working for the Company. Shares series F were offered in the Open Offering that was divided into two tranches: Retail Tranche, with 135 000 shares series F and Institutional Investors’ Tranche with 540 000 shares series F.

All the Shares in both Tranches were subjected and distributed according to the subscription (including reductions).

On 30th November 2006 Polish Financial Supervision Authority has approved the issue prospectus offering NEUCA S.A. shares series H, on the basis of which private offering was conducted. Shares series H were offered to the Galenica-SIlfarm Capital Group and its subsidiares shareholders.

NEUCA S.A. shares series G, I, J, K and L issued are exempted from the obligation to make and approve the prospectus or informational memorandum as required by the Art. 7 Section 4 Item 3), Art. 38 Section 3 and Art. 39 Section 3 of the ACT on Public Offering, Conditions Governing the Introduction of Financial Instruments to Organised Trading, and Public Companies, due to the fact the shares of these series were issued to execute the authority of the subscription warrants owners, and other Shares of the Company of the same kind are admission to trading on the same regulated market. Moreover, the take-up of these shares is not a consequence of public offering.

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