Our values

The way we act is just as important to us as the business results we achieve. We endeavor to act responsibly towards the broader environment we operate in. All our efforts are based on NEUCA’s key values: integrity, respect and customer satisfaction. Thy serve as a roadmap in our daily activities. We make every effort to meet our obligations while adhering to these values and high ethical standards. Fair and mutually beneficial cooperation is the foundation of our business.



We use the scale of business and our experience combined with tradition and the sense of independent shared by all private pharmacy in Poland to drive our growth together. At the core of this concept is our commitment to give our pharmacy partners a sense of security by undertaking to never be a threat to traditional pharmacies: we do not and will not own pharmacies, and we will never compete against our customers.



We respect the autonomy and individuality of all our associates and customers. In our conduct, we recognize each person's uniqueness, and never violate anyone's dignity. We build our authority and value through the respect we earn from others.

Satysfakcja klienta

Customer satisfaction

We act to ensure maximum customer satisfaction by actively identifying and addressing our customers' needs, maintaining good customer relationships, and providing continuous support to their businesses.

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