We are a Polish company with 25 years of tradition. We are active in numerous areas of the national healthcare market. We develop dynamically both in the pharmaceutical and medical field what results in numerous possibilities for the company and the employees.

We are a leader in the wholesale distribution of pharmaceuticals what is the core of our business activity. At the same time, we constantly develop our synergetic businesses. We hold the expert’s position in many of the healthcare market segments that we closely cooperate with as: wholesale trade, pharmaceuticals production, marketing, logistics, outpatient clinics network development, clinical trials, telemedicine, IT, advertisement and media.

NEUCA Group is an innovative company – we conduct a number of start-up projects and we introduce new solutions onto the healthcare market.

All our activities are executed inline of the strategy and as such lead to the support of the independent pharmacies.

NEUCA has been listed on the WSE in Warsaw since 2004.

Our mission

NEUCA considers independent pharmacists to be the pillar of the Polish pharmaceutical market. We believe that independent pharmacists are the only ones able to guarantee patient safety, influence the development and stability of the pharmaceutical market, and properly shape and implement the national medicine policy. These beliefs are reflected in our mission statement:

To secure a better future for all independent pharmacies in Poland

Our strategy

Our strategy is to increase our market share as a wholesaler of pharmaceuticals to pharmacies and hospitals through organic growth and acquisitions. The strategy is further supported by the Group’s synergistic business activities. In our operations, we focus on the customer’s needs to deliver the expected level of logistics service and attractive business proposals which recognize the power of promotions, as well as comprehensive business support using effects of scale.

We ensure long-term cooperation security. We are a fair and trustworthy partner: NEUCA does not and will not own pharmacies, and will never compete against independent pharmacies. We are committed to building close and lasting relationships to respond to the ongoing needs of all independent pharmacies across Poland.

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